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Taking over google maps. From Location finder to virtual Showroom.
Thinking about car2go, people instantly think about the “Smart” car.
In contrast, the main competitor “Drive Now” by BMW offers an attractive, wide range of models.

That’s why in the summer of 2016 car2go decided to extend its carsharing fleet, too.
And introduced the Mercedes-Benz models CLA, GLA, A- and B class.
However, without a media budget to promote this news.

Time for us to break new ground.
We captured an involuntary partner in crime: Google Maps. Because this is where we find consumers moving around and looking for orientation in the city jungle.

In September 2016 we turned Google Maps into a virtual showroom to promote the new car2go fleet. And its size was 800 square kilometers: all of Berlin!

4000 geo-tagged photos showing the new models, parked in front of Berlin’s most-googled points of interest. All of them uploaded to Google Maps.
Within the first 48 hours each single photo had about 300 views on average, 1.2 million clicks in total. By end-of-year: about 34 million.
We say: Thank you, Google!


Eurobest Silver

Eurobest Shortlist

Clio Silver

W&V Client Award Shortlist

Deutscher Preis für Online-Kommunikation Shortlist