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Beautiful by choice
The US launch of Gliss from Schwarzkopf in 2017 was going to be challenging. The largest hair care market in the world. Competitive and glutted like no other. Seems like nobody in North America has been waiting for another hair care brand?! Challenge accepted!

We had the opportunity to bring something new to the table! Gliss made beauty perception and image a global topic of conversation again. And we made it the first brand giving women the choice to have the hair they want every day. Gliss empowers women to choose their own kind of beautiful!!!

The Gliss manifesto film was created in the light of the political situation after the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. It shows women’s quest for liberty and freedom of choice. And it also reminds us that having the “choice” and standing up for a liberal world makes us who we are. Maybe this is the most beautiful choice we have.


Clio Bronze

New York Festival Shortlist