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When it comes to hair (products) especially, brands often like to tell their consumers what they should look like. Which trends to follow. Or which styles are a “must-have” to really be “in”.

But what if you turned that on its head? What if everyone could decide for themselves what’s trendy and what matches their style?
With got2b, we took precisely this approach and played a trick on conventions.

Because got2b does not care about trends that other people proclaim. got2b lets you create your own trend. With creative products that are simply fun and allow you to live it up whichever way you like. On the spur of the moment.

Accordingly, our campaign is close to the consumer, lets him become his own brand and shows what’s possible. Beyond the “style dictators”, towards a “user-centric brand” that is involved in modern culture and keeps coming up with new inspiration.