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The democratization of salon hair care
Until 2009, the hair care market was clearly separated in two worlds: the salon segment with its professional premium-priced products and the very saturated retail mass market, dominated by a few big players.

syoss grabbed the chance to free women from an existential dilemma: On the one hand, women want beautiful hair like coming from the hairdresser every day. On the other hand, salon products are too expensive for daily use and unaffordable. To close the gap between the professional and the retail market, we launched a whole new category with syoss: the first professional but affordable hair care that is available at the retailer!

This concept of the “democratization of salon hair care” revolutionized the market. Only a few months after the launch, syoss cracked the magical 5% hurdle of market shares. Today, syoss has been successfully established in more than 25 countries. With its huge portfolio in care, color and styling the brand covers all hair needs and thus has a high relevance among the target group.