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Our claim and our campaign for Takko Fashion.
Fashion discounters usually try to distinguish themselves from the competition through low prices and extreme discounts – which leads to the problem that you almost can’t tell them apart anymore. That’s why we have chosen a different path for our client Takko Fashion. We chose an attitude.

A thesaurus tells you that the german claim “Alles takko” means as much as “everything’s okay”, “don’t worry” or “everything’s hunky-dory”. This makes it the perfect message to showcase the positive, care-free emotional aspects of the brand.

In colorful films, banners, addressable TV ads and gifs, we show women who simply let go and have fun with their clothes. Because that’s how easy it can and must be. No rational arguments, no blaring out of seemingly incredible prices – only real fun with really good fashion pieces.

The great prices become a pleasant side note and the viewer takes away one simple and uplifting message: If I shop at Takko, it’s all takko.