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If all…, One must...!
In business rivalry with the giants of the telecommunication industry such as Vodafone and Telekom, Unitymedia is like David who competes with the big ones, the Goliaths, despite low budgetary funding.

That’s why we developed an eye-catching print and OOH campaign in order to defy conventions of the telecommunication industry and to present Unitymedia as aggressor. Unitymedia sees itself as a challenger that positions itself against the conventions of the industry giants and tirelessly overcomes the very limits of what is possible.

The thought: If everyone is just caught in the usual conventions, one has to think outside the box, swim against the stream and just do things a little better than the others.

We translate Unitymedia’s challenger attitude into communication in order to prove: It can also be done differently!
Away from the performance promises pushed by the common rat race, e.g. like racing cars that appear quicker and quicker, airplanes or rockets, we set our focus on the emotional added value which is the big advantage for Unitymedia clients.

We take this added value, place it center stage of our communication and put it into fanciful, lovingly illustrated typo collages. Via skillfully chosen text mechanics, we let the consumers know that with Unitymedia they get what the business competitors keep them waiting for.